Transfer of Credits

    Northwest Nazarene University accepts the following transfer credits: 
    • University-level credits earned in academic degree programs at colleges and universities accredited by regional accrediting associations
    • Credits earned at Bible Colleges accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) are accepted at the lower division level
    • Credits earned at an international college or university that have been evaluated by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services ( 
    • Credits earned at non-regionally accredited colleges and universities which are accredited by an organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) are granted on a case by case basis through the Special Academic Petition process
    The following policies apply to the acceptance of transfer credits by Northwest Nazarene University:
    • Credits must be presented on an official transcript from the institution granting the credit
    • Credits are not accepted in which a grade lower then C- (1.70) was received
    • Remedial and developmental level courses are not accepted
    • Credits earned in vocational or technical programs are not generally accepted
    • A transfer student's classification is based on the total number of credits accepted
    • A maximum of 62 semester credits may be transferred from two-year colleges
    • The cumulative grade point average is based only on grades received at Northwest Nazarene University
    Questions regarding the transfer of credit should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

    Phone: 208.467.8542
    Fax: 208.467.8603

    Transfer of an AA Degree

    Associate of Arts Degrees from Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington state community colleges as well as the Northwest Community College District of Wyoming will be accepted by Northwest Nazarene University. A student who enrolls at Northwest Nazarene University with an Associate of Arts Degree completed prior to admission from one of the state community colleges listed above will receive:
    1. Junior standing
    2. Transfer credit up to a maximum of 62 semester credits
    3. Waiver of all general education requirements, with the following exceptions: 
      1. BIBL1120 Survey of the Bible (3 credits)
      2. THEO2120 Survey of Christian Theology (3 credits)
      3. An elective in Bible Literature or Theology (3 credits)
      4. KINE1000 Fundamentals of Wellness (1 credit) 
        (An equivalent transfer course may be substituted for this requirement)
      5. THEO4905Capstone (1 credit)
      6. One Cross-Cultural Experience from any Tier
      7. Math Competency
        MATH1100 Liberal Arts Mathematics (3 credits); or a higher level mathematics course; or a quantitative course approved by the General Education Council
        (An equivalent transfer course may be substituted for this requirement)
      8. Students who earned a grade of D from the transferring institution will be required to repeat the courses in which NNU requires a grade of C- or better.
      9. All students defined as freshmen by IPEDS must complete the Cornerstone course. This includes all students who have graduated from high school the year prior to enrollment at NNU, regardless of the number of college credits or degrees earned while in high school.
    Students with an Associate of Arts degree from a regionally accredited institution other than those listed above may file a petition with the Registrar for consideration of acceptance of the degree.

    Note: A two-year Transfer Degree may not guarantee bachelor degree completion within two years. Course pre-requisites, course sequencing, and upper division requirements must also be met.

    Transfer students are encouraged to contact the Registrar's Office to determine applicability of their coursework to a specific bachelor's degree. General information can be given over the toll free number 1- 877-NNU-4-YOU. A complete transcript evaluation is available by sending the request with an official copy of the university transcripts to: Registrar's Office, Northwest Nazarene University, 623 S. University Blvd., Nampa, ID 83686.

    The minimum number of credits required to complete a degree is 124 semester credits of which 43 must be upper-division (courses numbered 3000 and above).