Compressed Online Course Format

At NNU Online, all of your courses follow either a seven- or eight-week format. If you have already completed some college-level courses, you can transfer up to 31 semester credits into your program. Click here for a complete listing of degree requirements and course descriptions from our catalog. Or you can start fresh with no previous credits and still complete all 63 semester credits for your Associate of Arts degree in as little as two years.

What Would My Christian Studies Courses Look Like?

In addition to 36 general education credits in English, Art & Music, History, Kinesiology, Psychology, Mathematics, Communications, and Science, you’ll complete 27 Christian Studies credits in Bible (BIBL), Christian Education (CHED), Church History (CHIS), Philosophy (PHIL), Practical Theology (PRTH), and Theology (THEO).

General Education Requirements (45 credits)

Christian Formation (9 credits)
BIBL1125. Survey of the Bible (3)
THEO2125. Survey of Christian Theology (3)
PHIL2020. Ethics (3)

Humanities (15 credits)
HUMN1015. Cornerstone (3)
     To be completed with a C- or better in the first year of enrollment
ENGL2410W. Lit of the Western World (3)
Approved Art History or Music History Elective (3)
Approved US History Elective (3)
Approved Non-US History Elective (3)

Sciences (15 credits)
KINE1000. Fundamentals of Wellness (1)
Approved Kinesiology Activity Elective (1)
Approved Natural Science Elective (3)
Approved Natural Science Lab Elective (1)
PSYC1555. Introduction to Psychology (3)
SOGY1015. Exploring Cultural Anthropology (3)
     To be completed in conjunction with SOGY1015CC to fulfill a Level II Cross Cultural Experience
Approved Mathematics Elective (3)

Intellectual and Practical Skills (6 credits)
ENGL1035. University Writing and Research (3)
     To be completed with a C- or better
COMM1210. Intro to Public Speaking (3)
     To be completed with a C- or better
Math Proficiency: ACT of 21 or higher, SAT of 550 or higher, COMPASS Algebra score of 50 or higher

Concentration Requirements (18 credits)

All to be completed with a C- or better
CHED1815. Introduction to Christian Discipleship (3)
PRTH2215. Spiritual Formation and Christian Discipleship (3)
PRTH2225. Worship Theory and Development (3)
PRTH2405. Christian Missions (3)
     To be completed in conjunction with PRTH2405CC to fulfill a Level II Cross Cultural Experience
CHIS2415. History and Manual, Church of the Nazarene (3)
BIBL3155. Biblical Interpretation (3)