Online Programs FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Online Programs

Is the degree completed entirely online?
Yes, the Christian Ministry Online degree is completed entirely online. Students are not required to come to campus during the program. 

How does an online class work?
Each course is five or seven weeks in length. All our courses are asynchronous, meaning students are not required to be in class at a specific time. All course requirements are completed on individual days and are submitted by their assigned due date. 

What are the weekly time demands of completing an online class? 
Most students indicate they spend between 10-15 hours per course each week in an online course.  Much of this time is spent in reading and writing assignments that do not require the student to be online. 

What does it mean to be in a cohort or learning community? 
Our degree program is built on a cohort or learning community approach of 15-20 students per group.  This means that students are not taking individual courses but taking the entire program.  The heart of online learning is the community that is established through the cohort approach. 

Is the program for pastors only? 
No, it is not. While some of our online students may be presently serving in ministry, others are laypersons studying for their own personal growth. Others desire to develop their skills as lay ministers. We welcome pastors who desire to sharpen themselves, men and women who are preparing for ministry, as well as laypersons into our degree programs. 

Is Financial Aid available? 
Yes. Federal Financial Aid is available to students who qualify. Contact the Financial Aid Office to learn more.  

What are the requirements for admission? 
The requirements for admission include a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in all academic course work. A student with a GPA of less than 2.0 may apply for provisional acceptance. See admission requirements

Where do I purchase textbooks?
Textbooks for the College Core general education courses will be provided to the students. However, books for courses in the major will be purchased by the student. We recommend students utilize competitively-priced online sources to minimize their expense. See other textbook information

What is ANGEL?
ANGEL is the software management system we use to host our online courses. You can access ANGEL at   Password and login information will be given to you once you are registered in a course.   

What are the technical requirements? 
You will need a computer, modem, and phone or broadband connection to receive and send class materials. 

How do I begin the Application Process? 
To begin the application process complete our online application.