Course Schedule

Christian Ministry Courses

Spring 2015
PRTH1105 Intro to Online Theological Education Mrs. Stacey Bullard 01/05/15-01/11/15
Quad One
PRTH2215 Spiritual Formation Dr. Rhonda Carrim 01/12/15-03/01/15
PRTH2405 Introduction to Christian Missions Dr. Joe Gorman 01/12/15-03/01/15
PRTH3715 Preaching Rev. Robert Sherwood 01/12/15-03/01/15
PRTH4715 Missional Growth and Health Dr. Joe Gorman 01/12/15-03/01/15
THEO4545 Christian Theology II Dr. Brent Peterson 01/12/15-03/01/15
Quad Two
PRTH2225 Worship Theory and Development Dr. Dirk Ellis 03/09/15-05/03/15
CHIS3415 History/Manual, Church of the Nazarene Dr. Stan Rodes 03/09/15-05/03/15
PRTH4825 Pastoral Leadership Dr. Stephen Borger 03/09/15-05/03/15
THEO4905 Senior Capstone in Ministry and Theology Dr. Joe Gorman 03/09/15-05/03/15
BIBL4445 Old Testament Studies:  Psalms Dr. W. Randy Bynum 03/09/15-05/03/15
Summer 2015
CHED2225 Instructional Bible Study Dr. Christa Klosterman 5/11/15-6/28/15
PRTH4965 Internship in Christian Ministry Dr. Mike Kipp 5/11/15-8/23/15
PRTH3755 Compassionate Ministries Dr. Mark Maddix 7/6/15-8/26/15
Fall 2015
PRTH1105 Intro to Online Theological Education Mrs. Stacey Bullard 8/17/15-8/23/15
Quad One
BIBL3155 Biblical Interpretation Rev. John Grant 8/24/15-10/11/15
CHED1815 Introduction to Christian Discipleship Dr. Joe Gorman 8/24/15-10/11/15
CHIS3615 History of Christian Tradition I Dr. W. Tom Umbel 8/24/15-10/11/15
THEO4535 Christian Theology I Dr. Rusty Brian 8/24/15-10/11/15
Quad Two
CHIS3625 History of Christian Tradition II Dr. W. Tom Umbel 10/19/15-12/13/15
PHIL2025 Ethics Dr. Joe Bankard 10/19/15-12/13/15
PRTH3105 Pastoral Theology Dr. Joe Gorman 10/19/15-12/13/15
THEO4245 Theology of Holiness Dr. Nell Becker Sweeden 10/19/15-12/13/15

 Course listed here are Ministry courses only.  General Education courses are not included on this page.

*Spring Break 3/23/15-3/29/15
*Thanksgiving Break 11/23/15-11/29/15

Schedules are subject to change without notice.